Why Our Clients Depend on Us

For clients that have never had a direct customer acquisition team, we offer them a service that is more effective at reaching their target markets than traditional forms of advertising (such as catalogs, media, commercials, and print ads). Our scope and range is unlimited. Clients that have an existing internal sales force find that our team will not only outperform theirs, but that we will also do so in a more cost effective manner. Better results for our clients at a lower cost equals an increase opportunity for career growth for our employees. It’s a win, win!


Sales & Acquisitions

Empire ICS specializes in creating better brand awareness and educating consumers on the benefits of purchasing our clients’ products and/or services. Our goal is simple, bring the product or service to the consumer, allowing them to experience the clients’ brand and it’s benefits first hand. When brands’ can be experienced directly, they will always be recognized.



The Management team liaises between fortune 100 clients and global retail chains, managing the teams inside of these chains, launching new retail locations, opening additional office branches to accommodate bigger retail markets, and structuring the training and development of customer acquisition teams nationwide.


Customer Service

Our team is not just worried about acquiring these new customers, we want to retain them! Every customer concern is of the highest importance in all of our retail locations. We are best in class customer service professionals in-store providing a high quality experience, face to face with the consumer.