President and Minneapolis Branch Manager Takes On New Clients

January, 2018, Empire ICS Inc. President Brandon Ison will soon launch even more new campaigns for brand new clients in the telecommunication industry. Relocating in November to oversee a much larger territory of retail sales and marketing campaigns, Ison and his team will be launching new mobility divisions for these telecom giants. 

“I’m blown away by the opportunity and rapid growth that happens in Minneapolis!” exclaimed the former Green Bay Branch Manager. “Things move much faster out here because we simply have access to more of the clients in our contract.”

Empire ICS Inc. began their hiring process the first week of the new year. With multiple locations live and even more on the way, they are projected to continue hiring entry level and experienced sales, marketing, and customer acquisition candidates throughout the First Quarter.

Ison, who held a portfolio of satellite, fiber optic, television, and multiple retail clients in Green Bay, will now add mobility clients and another retail giant to the list. “My team is not only excited to have new clients, but they are excited for what that means for the growth opportunities and the challenge that comes with building a much larger market,” commented Ison.

Empire ICS Inc. has set up their temporary hiring office for the Minnesota territory in Roseville for their first wave of hiring and training. They are awaiting a permanent office to properly centralize the location to the many clients continuing to roll in for the new year.

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New Branch Manager rises to oversee the Green Bay and De Pere Branch

January, 2017, Empire ICS Inc. experiences fast growth due to motivated new Branch Manager, Miranda Werkheiser. Another manager means a growing team and even more career opportunities for the local communities. When we asked Ms. Werkheiser her goals for 2018, “Diversity!” she exclaimed. “I want to be a part of every community group throughout Green Bay, De Pere, and Appleton. My family and I are constantly looking for ways to impact the community and get involved, so I want a team with the same passion that can reach corners I haven’t!”

Werkeiser, an alumni of University of Wisconsin Green Bay, assures us that you will see her team at career fairs, community service events, motivational events, and much more this year. Born and raised in Sturgeon Bay, WI, Werkheiser loves to travel but is always brainstorming new ways for local community involvement. She supports local sports, is consistently planning motivational events, and attending any kind of sporting event that’s nearby. 

“Well, I support local women in their body building aspirations, sometimes even participating myself, and my kids are enrolled in every sport you can think of! It’s safe to say we are active in the community. Plus, Go Pack Go!” laughed Werkheiser.

It is clear that the Fox Valley is gaining a valuable leader in the professional community with Ms. Werkheiser’s recent accomplishments. “I’m so excited to help others reach their goals and grow as a team!” exclaimed Workheiser.

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Empire ICS Managers Return from Yearly Retreat to Launch New Branch

November, 2017, Empire ICS Inc., a sales and marketing firm overseeing retail relationships for telecom giants, has announced plans for a new branch in Minnesota. The management team has their sights set on the Northern Minneapolis area in order to centralize their location to the eight retail locations they will be overseeing. When asked why the big move during the fourth quarter, Manager, Brandon Ison shrugged saying, “Opportunity. My team in Green Bay has it handled and our clients want more of our structure in Minneapolis. I’m at a point in my life where I can move at the drop of a hat. My team here wants Green Bay, so I can’t wait to take on a new city!”

Did we mention that the management team at Empire ICS just returned from a week-long trip to the caribbean? “Our clients pick an awesome 5-star destination to send us to every fall. The Hard Rock Punta Cana was insane! I’m always ready to make big moves during the holiday season after our clients spoil us,” stated Ison.

While the Green Bay office will see a transition in Managers before December 1st, Ison is more than confident that this move will catapult his organization’s success. “They won’t even notice I’m gone! Miranda is so passionate about leading the team and making this market bigger than even I did, I’m excited to see the impact she has on the team and the community when she’s in the driver’s seat.” Ison went on to rave about his new Manager’s plans to give back to the community and create even more career opportunities throughout the Fox Valley. 

Details of the Minnesota Branch will be released soon assured Ison. “My HR Manager and I are headed to Minneapolis this week to find an awesome new location. We are looking for something that isn’t your typical corporate suite. This branch is going to be home for a ton of new talent, so we are looking for a different vibe.” It’s obvious the pride the management team at Empire ICS takes in their staff. The reviews say that this company is like family, but we heard if from the Manager himself.

Ison has spent the better part of 3 years working with retail clients in the Fox Valley. A true Packer fan that leaped at the chance to be near Lambeau, will soon impact the sales and marketing industry in Minnesota. “Don’t worry, I plan to be back for most of the home games,” smiled Ison.