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National Client Meeting in Dallas, TX

Our management team is heading to Dallas, TX to close out the first quarter. Here they will be meeting with our Fortune 100 clients, discussing new customer acquisition strategies, second quarter expansion goals, and new product lines. Along with their client meetings, the managers will have an opportunity to network with other business managers from across the country. We believe in continued training and development, not just for our entry level team, but for our managers as well!

Manager's Retreat - Hard Rock Punta Cana


December 5-6th: Annual Organizational Christmas Party and Charity Event

Every year, our managers travel across the country for the annual Organizational Christmas Party. Branch Managers from across the country will meet in Los Angeles, CA for a charity event and Christmas party / Awards Banquet. We love being able to travel to the west coast during the winter for some warmer days!


October 15-20th: All-Inclusive Management Retreat

This year, our clients are sending us to the beautiful Dominican Republic to stay at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana! The management team at Empire works hard every year to bring successful campaigns to local markets. Everyone apart of the management team is invited, yearly, for an all-inclusive trip on our clients’ dime. Who doesn’t love a free vacation?


August 18-19th: Summer Camping Trip

The team opted for a weekend camping trip! We are headed to Bay Shore County Park for the weekend to take the dogs out, relax by the lake, and have friendly competition with Volleyball, Cornhole, Flag Football, and more! There is nothing like a Wisconsin Summer by the lake.


August 14-16th: Keys to Success and Top Gun Meeting

Two top corporate trainers at Empire ICS were selected to attend this national leadership conference. These individuals have shown great leadership qualities, and are on the fast track to hitting their career goals. The meetings they will attend in Orlando, FL will provide them the knowledge they need to manage an office for our clients.