About Us

Our company was created to acquire and retain new customers for top consumer electronics and telecom industry brands. We have a very personalized approach to acquiring these customers. We lead the nation in executing some of the top retail campaigns in the country. Working with retail giants has its perks, no generating your own leads and they already provide the best customers in the industry! Our clients love us because we reach new customers at the point of sale, providing live representation and upscale customer service. Online channels are great, but we provide that friendly and professional face in-store for customers to get to know their home service needs and receive personalized consultations from trained specialists. Today’s world screens email marketing and tosses out the junk mail! Nothing beats a handshake and a smile in store with your own personal specialist.

We are the answer to consumer and client needs, but we are also a career option for driven candidates seeking a career in the business world. Customer service, sales, marketing, and communication professionals enjoy our merit-based advancement atmosphere. With an interactive training environment, Empire ICS offers its team career training into Corporate Training, Assistant Management, and Branch Management roles. Our team meets weekly to work on customer acquisition techniques, leadership courses, and market expansion plans. In 2018, Empire ICS is planning to launch more than thirty Minneapolis-St. Paul locations to improve our clients’ Midwest Consumer Electronics Division. Working with industry-leading telecommunications clients has secured a number of growth opportunities for the firm’s leadership teams.

Why Choose Us


Complete Package

Empire ICS works hand in hand with some of the biggest retailers in the world to offer their customers a unique shopping experience that not only educations the consumer properly, but each customer leaves with the right tools to make their at-home consumer electronics service unforgettable.


National Clients

Empire ICS works with some of the largest companies in their respected industries. These clients range from giants in home entertaining to leaders in mobile telecommunications and more.


Empire ICS Careers

Empire ICS is growing and filling multiple positions in our customer acquisition firm. Be a part of one of the fastest growing customer acquisition firms in the Midwest. if you’re ready for a new career, or searching for entry leveling training, apply today!